Buying New Construction Home Advice From A Lender

When home buyers are faced with the option of buying a new construction vs a previously occupied home, they usually go with the new construction home. They don’t want someones old carpet that needs to be replaced, Pepto Bismol colored wallpaper that matches the carpet and all the personal effects of a former owner. SomeContinue reading “Buying New Construction Home Advice From A Lender”


The newest draft of the down-payment assistance bill that will provided up to $25,000 to first-time homebuyers. This is a multi generational grant assistance package aimed at not just first-time homebuyers but those whose parent are also first-time homebuyers. Tackle homeownership rates by boosting up the ability for first generation to buy homes on theirContinue reading “FIRST LOOK AT THE $25,000 GRANT BREAKDOWN”

Lower Rates Lead To Increase In Refinance Applications

More than half off all homeowners with a 30-year mortgage are now paying interest that’s 0.75% of higher than than the current rate, the largest share in six years, according to Black Knight Over 11 million people across the nation are already quality candidates for refinance eligibility. Refinance options open up the possibility of savingContinue reading “Lower Rates Lead To Increase In Refinance Applications”

VA Loan Limit Lifted ** UPDATED**

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act allows homebuyers to borrow above the 2019 limit of $484,350 for most counties without any down payment. The move comes after a decades-long fight for veterans to receive health care benefits for diseases related to Agent Orange exposure, according to military.com, which said the bill will “fast-track disabilityContinue reading “VA Loan Limit Lifted ** UPDATED**”

Renovations Are The Way

Reports released May 2018 by Zillow Research show that more than 4 million American homeowners still underwater on their home. That is 9% of all homeowners in the United States who owe more than what their homes are worth. Of the 9% of homeowners experiencing negative equity over 16% owe more than double of whatContinue reading “Renovations Are The Way”

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